An autumn day

Univerzitet u Sarajevu
Filozofski fakultet u Sarajevu
Odsjek za anglistiku, II ciklus studija


It was a fragile autumn,
Damp weather and heavy rain,
Yellow and brown leaves,
The panorame of ripe grain.

In the hollow base of her neck
Laid legacy, a golden cross,
And I remember the short trip to the square,
Her old scarf and the prewinter frost.

Then the wind, viciously strong,
That moved the cracks in our hair,
Bashful laughter and heavy breath,
Drifting between gasoline and air.

All the colours, blending with gray,
When everyone looks pale and ill,
The stomping rainfall on the red umbrella,
When the time seemed to be standing still.

Grumpy pedestrians, with yellow faces,
Waiting for the traffic lights to turn green,
My aunt in her blue coat, carrying a box of sweets,
And the bells calling the birds to convene.

Still, sometimes, while walking the streets,
I hear that similar clapping of heels,
And I turn my grumpy face to the woman and the girl,
And watch as they, in the gray, disappear.



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