Naked mother

Internacionalni univerzitet u Sarajevu
Fakultet prirodnih i tehničkih nauka
Biološke nauke i bioinžinjering, I ciklus studija


Bleeding, bleeding lights
Let the darkness come.
Let the mother sing
Giant child to sleep.

When the wheel is still
And the night is mid
Steaming worms be chill
Mother weeps unseen.

Crawling, silly child,
Plastic mind will crack,
Final screaming call,
“Mom will fix it all“.

Cloaked by leaves she dies,
Immortal Goddess in disguise.
Alight in greed and shiny veins,
By her baby’s hungry flames.

Bare of power and no more holy,
Lying naked in her shameful glory,
She floats to shiny specks of rust,
To choke her children back to dust.

Feast away you tiny giants,
Punish mommy by defiance,
To know better than the scars,
Go seek mommy in the stars.

Endless laughter from the skies,
Looks with pity at your cries.
Dark and charred the flesh you eat
Chewing mommy bright and sweet.



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